Other Written Work

Over the years I’ve written a number of articles for Cuckoo Review and Movie Pilot.

For those who don’t know MoviePilot is an entertainment site where fans contribute articles covering different areas of media culture.

Cuckoo is an arts and culture site and magazine for the North east of England. The articles are written by young writers aged 15 to 23 and cover various subjects from films to seminars to music performances and theatre productions.

Below is a list of articles I’ve written so far, some of them are on other sites but most are on Cuckoo and MoviePilot. I’ll try and update this every couple of months or so if more are produced.

Top 5 Despised Superhero Sequels That Aren’t Actually That Bad!

X + Y Film Review

The Genius Of Paranormal Activity

Top Five Overrated Films

Top 5 Superhero Sequels That Should’ve Happened

Crime Writing Seminar May 2015 – Northumbria University

Wonderlands Comic Expo June 2015 – University of Sunderland

Do it Yourself Newcastle Writing Conference – June 2015

Shoes for Anthony Book Review


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