I have a YouTube channel (right here) where I post videos usually produced by myself but I’ve also made some in collaboration with other people.

On top of that I’ve been involved with other projects, either acting as a character or extra or working as apart of the crew.

Here’s a little list of some of the best videos I’ve made and been involved in.

The Adventures of Captain Sweden – A short montage displaying the ‘heroic’ deeds of the Swedish vigilante.

The Hot Gulp Christmas Video – Sainsbury’s Advert Parody – A fantastic video produced by the hilarious sketch group Hot Gulp. I’m an extra in this, I’m the one with the baguette on Tesco’s side at 1:58.

Mummies Aren’t Scary (Halloween Sketch) – In an age where modern horror consists of demonic possessions, torture porn and zombies this is how the forgotten faces of terror survive.

This was made with the assistance of director and cinematographer Chris Orr. Here’s his YouTube Channel  and Facebook Page.

Metalico’s First Days on Earth – This is the first video featuring Metalico, the character which my channel is based on. Here the alien arrives on earth and tries to adapt to human life while running into some complications.

How To Be A Successful Stalker – First video featuring Jerry Charles, another reoccurring character on my channel. In this introduction Jerry lectures about the philosophy and art of stalking (this is not a video for people who believe everything they see on the Internet is right).

Animal Speeches – Turtle threesome. That’s all I’m saying.

Hipster Zombies 2 – A sketch made by Chris Orr which I acted in. You’ll never look at scarves the same way again…

Newcastle Psycho (American Psycho Parody) – The title pretty much tells you everything. This is another one by Chris, I did some camera work here and here and helped out with the dolly shots. Artsy stuff.

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