One More Thing Before 2017

2016 has been an interesting year.

For cinema it’s been a mixed bag; I saw some decent pieces including Civil War and Star Trek Beyond and some real gems like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Anomalisa. I of course saw some slightly mediocre films like Dr Strange and Rogue One and a few terrible pieces such as Batman V Superman and Ghostbusters.

Politically it’s been depressing; Brexit and the US election has caused so much division and confusion. While I was against Brexit and Trump I hope the damages are minimal and that things get better.


Creatively it’s been fantastic; I’ve been running this blog for over a year, I joined MoviePilot, I got back into drawing and made some good YouTube videos (Mupple Film 3 and Guilt – Counsellor 6 are my personal favorites).

Anyone who’s read my blog since the beginning will know that I never mention my personal life. Talking about Uni is probably the most personal I ever get on here but now I’m going to make an exception.

I had a bit of an existential crisis in 2016; I started to question why I write, draw, act, edit etc. I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed creating, this impacted the frequency of my output. I never had a schedule but I tended to get something out at least every two weeks or so. Towards the end of the year however entire months went by where I hadn’t posted anything. Even though in the last month or so I have released some content I’m still unsure about my position on creating. Sometimes I get a lot of joy and satisfaction out of it while other times it can be a chore.

I don’t know what 2017 will be like for me creatively so for those who are interested I suggest you follow my Facebook Page and Twitter as I do post on those platforms regularly.

I thank you all for your patience when I don’t put something up and your enthusiasm when I do put something up. It is very much appreciated.

At the moment I see nothing but possibilities in 2017.

For cinema it looks like it’s going to be exciting with some pretty good-looking films like Kong: Skull Island, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Alien: Covenant and Star Wars Episode VIII. There’re some films I’m not looking forward to like Justice League, Wonder Woman and the Beauty and the Beast remake but for me there’re more films to anticipate than dread so I’m happy.

Creatively it looks good; I’ve got some ideas for videos I want to make, I’m hoping to crank out some more articles for Moviepilot and I’d like to do some more drawing.

I thank you all for staying with me on this blog and I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take part in a personal New Year’s Eve tradition of mine. I’m going to watch Adaptation. It’s got nothing to do with New Year’s Eve but it’s a beautiful little film written by Charlie Kaufman that’s always left me with a feeling of replenishment and hope.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.


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