An Underground Gem Everyone Has To See. Motivational Growth (2013) Review

I think Motivational Growth is almost like a modern Eraserhead. It’s a unique and strange film that deserves much more attention, there’re so many interpretations that can be extracted from it.

This independent film tells the story of Ian, a depressed man who has remained in his apartment for over a year with only Kent, his old TV, as company. After failing suicide Ian discovers a mould that has formed in his bathroom.

The mould starts talking and motivates Ian to get his life back together. However, the mould has other intentions, intentions that may become very unpleasant for Ian.


Motivational Growth isn’t really an emotional experience but I don’t think its supposed to be. Its more like something you witness. You absorb the characters and dialogue and plot beats as they are and make your own judgment.

Now don’t get me wrong, the film isn’t so vague that it becomes a meaningless, pretentious student art-film. There are a few clear themes that I think most people can recognize.

For example, depression is a key element in the story.

At the very beginning its established that Ian is in a paralyzed state. From the monologues he delivers to the audience we learn of the quality of his life, how getting up from the sofa and going to the toilet is the highlight of his day.

If that isn’t a display of depression Ian’s apartment pretty much visualizes his state. The place is a mess; the floor, tables and sofa are covered in takeaway boxes.

Another clear theme that I think everyone can recognize and relate to is the overall, ruthless shittiness of life.

We don’t know why Ian has locked himself away but we know that he’s terrified of the outside world. In his monologues he almost justifies his isolated life. He points to the door and tells us that we could get killed out there. As he does as the mould suggests, trying to ‘improve’ his life it seems that his life just gets worse.

I won’t spoil it but I will say that Motivational Growth deserves a larger audience. People should be talking about it and sharing theories because I’ve only scratched the surface of the amount of ideas and material in the film.

Motivational Growth is a dark, funny, twisted and extraordinary film and I highly recommend it for everyone.

I give it a fantastic 8 out of 10.

Seriously. See it!!!



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