NOICE. Sandman A Game of You (1993) Review

While it’s not as good as Seasons of Mists, I think A Game of You is the best of both worlds in that it works as both a standalone story and part of a larger arc.

This fifth volume of the Sandman series centers around a woman (Barbara) re-entering her childhood dream land. She discovers that it has been conquered by an evil entity known as the ‘Cuckoo’. While she journeys through the land with a trio of odd friends, her friends in the waking world try to intervene and save her.

The main plot concerning Barbara’s journey is charmingly simple, very reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. It’s a nice addition considering how complex most Sandman stories can be.

sandman 5 pic
Not gonna lie, I’m starting to run out of ideas for these pictures.

Morpheus is more of a supporting character in A Game of You. The story is mainly focused on a different cast of characters, all of which are beautifully diverse.

For example, Barbara made her first appearance in Doll’s House. In that volume we saw that she was mysteriously overoptimistic and jolly. In this story she has broken up with her husband, hasn’t dreamt in years and can’t remember anything about her childhood. Her life’s a wreck.

So when she enters her dream land Barbara rediscovers her optimistic childhood world and also discovers how her imagination and past led to the state she’s in today. Her backstory and the situation she’s thrown into make her a very compelling character.

Thessaly, one of Barbara’s neighbors, is another great character. She obviously knows a lot about the Cuckoo and Morpheus’ world, who or what she is is never revealed but you want to find out.

Hazel and Foxglove, the other neighbors, have a vicious conflict when Hazel reveals she slept with a man. While they come across as mostly stereotypical lesbians, their conflict elevates them from this into a decent couple who may not function well together.

Overall apart from some underdeveloped characters, the characters that are developed I think make A Game of You a strong entry in the Sandman series. I just hope that future volumes are more like Doll’s House and Season of Mists. 

I give A Game of You a strong 7 out of 10.

UPDATE: I’ve got a new video up, this one’s a Counsellor 6 which you can see right here. This’ll probably be the last video I’ll have out for a while as I’m going back to Uni this month so please check it out! In the mean time, there shouldn’t be any shortage of reviews and articles so keep an eye on Duffhood for future updates 🙂



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