It Just Gets Better and Better! Sandman Season of Mists (1992) Review

Sandman Season of Mists is another great volume in the same vein as Doll’s House.

Centuries ago Morpheus fell in love with a woman called Nada. He sent her to hell for rejecting his offer of becoming his queen. During a meeting, the Endless argue that what he did was unfair.

Morpheus agrees and journeys to Hell to get Nada back. However, when he gets there he sees that Hell is changing and soon discovers that he has a larger, more delicate responsibility.

sandman 4 pic

One issue I had with the previous volumes was the presentation of Morpheus. I didn’t think he was very empathetic and never got challenged in any of the stories.

Season of Mists is better in this respect. Morpheus is emotionally involved in the arc, he wants to rescue his love and apologize to her.

Now I wasn’t shedding tears for Morpheus but I certainly empathised with him more than I did in the first three volumes.  

Another strength of Season of Mists is the world. We get to see a whole lot more of the Sandman universe.

We see all of the Endless; what they look like, what they represent.

We learn more about Hell; how old and vast is it, where the demons come from, the responsibilities of Lucifer.

One significant problem I had was the ending to Morpheus and Nada’s arc. I won’t spoil it but I will say that it was sudden and didn’t get as much development as I was anticipating.

Overall, the Sandman series has just been getting better and better. With a more empathetic protagonist and greater insights into it’s world, Season of Mists is another fantastic story arc.

I give Season of Mists a strong 8 out of 10.  


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