Let’s Get This Over With. Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Despite the dreadful anticipation the film has gotten from the media, Ghostbusters does get a few things right but as a comedy the film is as mediocre as the trailers suggest.

This reboot sees a group of female scientists teaming up to catch a number of ghosts across New York City. They soon discover that these hauntings are linked by a mysterious criminal planning to open a vortex that will unleash an army of dead spirits.

With the Mayor against them the girls try to take on the army themselves before the spirits take over the world.

One thing the film does that the original didn’t is show the group’s growth from amateur scientists to professional exterminators.

Ghostbusters pic
Keep reading. Its not perfect.

The film starts with them just experimenting in a rented room, then developing and testing their equipment and getting a new place.

I was hoping this growth would continue through the whole film like Batman Begins, but unfortunately the arc comes to a premature conclusion within the first hour when the group suddenly get their signature uniforms, weapons and car.

The film’s antagonism is also unique. Unlike the previous films where the antagonists were simply demonic entities with an army of random spirits, the reboot’s villain is a man trying to release an army gradually.

All the ghosts in the film have a purpose. They don’t just appear at random to put the team into action, they’re attacks from a bigger threat, that gets stronger and more dangerous until the team encounters the antagonist himself.

Ghostbusters works as a decent supernatural, action film. Whether it works as a comedy however depends on your sense of humor.

If you laughed at Trainwreck or Special Correspondents or any of Judd Apatow’s stuff, then you’ll like the Ghostbusters reboot.   

For me the comedy wasn’t great. It consisted of pop culture references, sexual innuendos and awkward banter. It wasn’t a fun watch.

In conclusion the Ghostbusters reboot does succeed in differentiating itself from the original but ultimately fails as a comedy. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I give Ghostbusters a mediocre 3 out of 10.

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Better than the film. Carrie (1974) Review

Well, I finally read a Stephen King book and while I do have some issues with it I can definitely say that Carrie is a very effective story.

For those who’re unfamiliar with this horror classic the book tells the story of Carrie White, a high school student who, after being abused by her cruel classmates and fundamentalist mother, develops telekinetic abilities and begins to contemplate how and when to use them.

carrie pic
This is one of my many expressions of satisfaction.

One thing that surprised me about Carrie was the complexity of the characters.

Now I’m not suggesting the characters are as complex as Hamlet but the cast doesn’t simply consist of gentle, good hearted students and monstrous bullies like you’d imagine in a high school story.

The best example is Sue Snell, a girl in the popular group of the student hierarchy.

She clearly feels sorry for Carrie and desires to make her time at school better but also to maintain her position in the hierarchy.

King gives these teenagers as much depth as most adult characters get in fiction. You never think he’s looking down on them as simple hormone-driven children.

However, not all the characters are as developed.

Chris Hargensen and Billy Nolan are, for the most part, the stereotypical popular high-school couple.

Chris is vicious, immature and a spoilt daughter of a lawyer while Billy is also vicious, selfish and occasionally violent towards Chris.

These characters can be forgiven as the other characters such as Tommy Ross, Carrie’s mother and Carrie herself are so well developed and make for a gripping read.

Overall Carrie is a solid book and I recommend it.

I give it a good 7 out of 10.

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