I FINALLY SAW IT!!! Captain America: Civil War (2016) Review

Captain America: Civil War has plots that’re great on their own but when put together make for a slightly cluttered film.

Unlike Batman V Superman however some of the plots are very well developed.

The United Nations confronts the Avengers, accounting them for all the damage caused by their battles. The team must either agree to their new status quo or retire. Iron Man agrees, Captain America does not.

This eventually leads to the team splitting into two fractions and going to war.

Captain America Civil War
Its so good to be back in touch with the film culture.

For me one of the best plots in the film is the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America.

It’s a bit bland at first; it starts out with them simply debating the ethics of their actions, a thing we’ve seen in many superhero films and comics.

However, as the UN applies more pressure and the team investigates some mysterious terrorist attacks, their conflict becomes more intense and personal.

This makes the fight scenes emotionally engaging as well as entertaining.

Another good plot is Captain America’s struggle to protect James Barnes (The Winter Soldier).

Throughout the film everyone thinks Barnes is responsible for the attacks and want him dead. Captain America however is more rational and tries to get the truth out of Barnes, treating him with respect.

This makes Captain America quite sympathetic, you understand his frustration when he tries to show Barnes is innocent and everyone disputes it.

If Civil War featured just these two plots it would’ve been a much clearer story.

Its not as messy as Age of Ultron but all the other subplots including Black Panther’s revenge story and Spider-Man’s appearance, makes the film very difficult to follow.

In conclusion Civil War is worth seeing for Iron Man and Captain America’s stories because they are very eventful and do change the course of the MCU, its just that there’s a lot of less interesting stuff you’ll have to sit through.

I give Captain America: Civil War a decent 7 out of 10.

UPDATE: Just uploaded Mupple Film #3, a little project I’ve been working on for quite a while now.

You can see it right here. Make sure you check out the first two! Thanks.



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