80S OVERDOSE!!!! Turbo Kid (2015) Review

I don’t think I have ever smiled so many times when watching a film than I did watching Turbo Kid. It’s an adorable collage of 80s Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror and Action motifs.

Set in the post-apocalyptic world of 1997, a teen adopts the persona of his favorite comic-book hero to fight a ruthless overlord and save the girl of his dreams.

Turbo Kid pic
This will make you feel good.

When I review something, whether it’s a film, book or graphic novel, I usually focus on the piece’s substance rather than its style.

So when reviewing a film I tend to talk about the plot, dialogue and characters rather than the cinematography, acting or score.

Using this approach for Turbo Kid wouldn’t be fair because in case you haven’t gathered from the premise, the film is based on the timeless ‘Hero’s Journey’ story.

This archetypal plot can be found in Captain America, Harry Potter, The Matrix, Star Wars and many other stories so most people are familiar with it.

However, this does not make Turbo Kid cliché or unoriginal.

The film’s visual style clearly implies an homage to the genres that the Hero’s Journey flourished in.

This is what made Turbo Kid such a joy to watch, there were so many things I recognized from other films.

Take the desolate landscapes of the Mad Max Trilogy, the violence of the Evil Dead and Re-Animator films, the action of Robocop and the heart of Star Wars and The Neverending Story, put them together and you get Turbo Kid.

The substance may not offer anything new but the style makes it possibly one of the most charming films that has come out in the last decade.

I give Turbo Kid a loving 8 out of 10.


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