Come on guys, it could’ve been A LOT worse. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review

So far Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a critical failure. Having seen it I can definitely say that it has weaknesses but I do think the film got a few things right.

Having witnessed the damages Superman caused in his battle with Zod, Bruce Wayne, in the form of his alter-ego Batman, plans to kill the man of steel before he brings more destruction to humanity.

While Superman faces pressure from the public over the morality of his actions, young billionaire Lex Luthor makes his own plans to take out the Kryptonian.

For me Batman V Superman was similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Both films had so many characters and subplots it was difficult to follow or empathize with any of them. Batman V Superman though is a little worse in this case.

Batman V Superman Pic

The film has five subplots, all of them pretty good conceptually, but when put together make for a confusing and not so emotional experience.

One of the plots is about Bruce Wayne’s quest to destroy Superman.

This was my favorite part of the film. It did what some of the greatest Superhero stories have done. It looked at the superhero with a realistic eye.

Batman, even though he is a superhero, represents what some people would probably think if there was a Superman. He thinks he’s dangerous, he thinks he needs to be disposed of before he wipes us out.

One of the other plots is about Superman facing the public backlash and having to reassess his ethics.

This is probably my second favorite part of the film. It suggested that the writers were aware of Man of Steel’s problems (the biggest being that Superman, a character who wants to save people, causes a lot of people to get killed).

Having him deal with the consequences felt like a mistake being corrected.

If Batman V Superman just featured these two plots the film would’ve been a great improvement on Man of Steel.

Unfortunately these stories don’t get the time to develop because of the three other plots which, while interesting, I didn’t think needed to be in this film.

To criticize those plots I’ll have to get into spoilers.

So for those who want to avoid I’ll write my conclusion now and you can stop reading from there.

Overall Batman V Superman certainly isn’t as horrific as all the reviews suggest. It is confusing, boring at times and a little silly. If you liked Man of Steel and want some fantastic superhero action, I recommend it. Otherwise, see it if you can.

I give Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice a shallow 4 out of 10.


Right, spoiler talk!

If the film ended when Batman saved Martha I think Batman V Superman could’ve been a minor improvement on Man of Steel with a few noticeable flaws.

When Doomsday appeared it just extended the film for me. It didn’t add a lot to what we’d already seen at that point.

The biggest issue though was the ending.

The people mourn the death of Superman even though they were shouting abuse at him going into court a few days ago. It made little sense to me. It would be like people mourning if Bill Cosby died.

Yes, I’m ending this review with a Bill Cosby joke. Hope you all had a Happy Easter!



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