YES. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Review

I love stories that’re set in small worlds and have minimal characters. Hence why Day of the Dead and Whiplash are some of my favorite films.

So I loved 10 Cloverfield Lane.

After surviving a car accident Michelle finds herself in an underground bunker with two men following a devastating ‘attack’. One of the men, Howard, tells her that the atmosphere above is unbreathable meaning they have to remain inside.

Howard’s controlling and aggressive behavior convinces Michelle to try and escape but as she looks for a way out she soon discovers the horrific truth about the world above.

10 Cloverfield Lane pic
So much win.

10 Cloverfield Lane has many strengths.

The plot and pacing are brilliant. Despite the limited setting the script produces twists and turns intense enough for a big budget action thriller.

The characters are great.

Michelle is presented as an intelligent and cautious woman. As she adapts to the situation she comes up with her own solutions, she pretty much combats the opposition by herself.

She’s good but Howard makes the film.

He is generous, logical and honest however he is dominating, ruthless and secretive. His unpredictability makes him a chilling antagonist.

Bear McCreary’s score expresses the intense and mysterious tone. Like any great soundtrack it sticks in your head after hearing it.

Of course the film isn’t perfect. The main issue is the film’s climax but to criticize that I’ll have to get into spoilers.

So for those who want to avoid I’ll write my conclusion now and you can stop reading from there.

Overall 10 Cloverfield Lane is a great, original thriller which will provide more shocks and surprises than any large scale actioner. I highly recommend it.

10 Cloverfield Lane earns a brilliant 7 out of 10.


Right, the ending.

Michelle gets to the surface, kills some cybernetic, slug-like aliens and drives away to assist survivors at a nearby city.

There were hints at extra-terrestrials being responsible for the attack so I didn’t mind the aliens.

However, even though Michelle has been established as a smart and practical woman, I think having her kill a giant alien is a little far-fetched.

Its unfortunate that a simple thriller grounded in reality should end with a big Transformers-style action scene.

There’s been a lot of debate over whether this is a sequel to Cloverfield or not. Well, I think it could be.

To state my theories requires another blog post which hopefully you’ll be seeing quite soon.



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