Late to the party but wow what a party it is! Deadpool (2016) Review

What can I say about Deadpool that hasn’t already been said? I guess I can say why I think its unique and worth seeing.  

Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson, a mercenary who is diagnosed with cancer. He is then approached by a recruiter from a special program offering an experimental cure for his disease. Wade accepts.

The experiment brutally disfigures him and gives him accelerated healing powers. With his life destroyed Wade becomes the masked vigilante Deadpool and tries to get revenge on the scientist who deformed him.

Deadpool Pic
YOH. Dis movie iz cool! Sorry, I was running out of ideas for faces so I went with this one and I kind of struggled to think of a caption for it. That was the best I could come up with.

Many have criticized Deadpool for having a formulaic plot and having seen it I do agree the plot is predictable.

Its basically the old superhero revenge story we all know from films like Robocop and Batman.

The film is essentially a satire of the superhero genre. All the conventions from slow motion action scenes to superhero jumps to the classic ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ philosophy, are mocked with great wit.

If the script mocked the typical plot beats of the superhero film like they did with the conventions I think that would’ve improved the plot.

Unfortunately, all we get is a plot we already know with some jokes.

Yes the film isn’t perfect but I still recommend it for everyone (over the age of fifteen) because despite it’s flaws its definitely one of the most unique superhero films in recent years and that’s saying something.

Deadpool earns a solid 7 out of 10.


One thought on “Late to the party but wow what a party it is! Deadpool (2016) Review

  1. It’s great for what it brings to the superhero genre – something new. Now other superhero movies can get R-ratings and new heroes can be brought to the table. I definitely agree that the film’s plot was outdated, it needed just a bit more creativity and action scenes.

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