Come on guys, it could’ve been A LOT worse. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review

So far Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been a critical failure. Having seen it I can definitely say that it has weaknesses but I do think the film got a few things right.

Having witnessed the damages Superman caused in his battle with Zod, Bruce Wayne, in the form of his alter-ego Batman, plans to kill the man of steel before he brings more destruction to humanity.

While Superman faces pressure from the public over the morality of his actions, young billionaire Lex Luthor makes his own plans to take out the Kryptonian.

For me Batman V Superman was similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron. Both films had so many characters and subplots it was difficult to follow or empathize with any of them. Batman V Superman though is a little worse in this case.

Batman V Superman Pic

The film has five subplots, all of them pretty good conceptually, but when put together make for a confusing and not so emotional experience.

One of the plots is about Bruce Wayne’s quest to destroy Superman.

This was my favorite part of the film. It did what some of the greatest Superhero stories have done. It looked at the superhero with a realistic eye.

Batman, even though he is a superhero, represents what some people would probably think if there was a Superman. He thinks he’s dangerous, he thinks he needs to be disposed of before he wipes us out.

One of the other plots is about Superman facing the public backlash and having to reassess his ethics.

This is probably my second favorite part of the film. It suggested that the writers were aware of Man of Steel’s problems (the biggest being that Superman, a character who wants to save people, causes a lot of people to get killed).

Having him deal with the consequences felt like a mistake being corrected.

If Batman V Superman just featured these two plots the film would’ve been a great improvement on Man of Steel.

Unfortunately these stories don’t get the time to develop because of the three other plots which, while interesting, I didn’t think needed to be in this film.

To criticize those plots I’ll have to get into spoilers.

So for those who want to avoid I’ll write my conclusion now and you can stop reading from there.

Overall Batman V Superman certainly isn’t as horrific as all the reviews suggest. It is confusing, boring at times and a little silly. If you liked Man of Steel and want some fantastic superhero action, I recommend it. Otherwise, see it if you can.

I give Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice a shallow 4 out of 10.


Right, spoiler talk!

If the film ended when Batman saved Martha I think Batman V Superman could’ve been a minor improvement on Man of Steel with a few noticeable flaws.

When Doomsday appeared it just extended the film for me. It didn’t add a lot to what we’d already seen at that point.

The biggest issue though was the ending.

The people mourn the death of Superman even though they were shouting abuse at him going into court a few days ago. It made little sense to me. It would be like people mourning if Bill Cosby died.

Yes, I’m ending this review with a Bill Cosby joke. Hope you all had a Happy Easter!



SPOILERS AHOY! How 10 Cloverfield Lane COULD be a sequel to Cloverfield

JJ Abrams and Dan Trachtenberg have made it very clear in interviews that 10 Cloverfield Lane has nothing to do with the original Cloverfield.

Both films are supposed to be a part of an anthology series containing original films sharing an overarching theme.

However, I said in my review of 10 Cloverfield Lane that I had a few theories on how the two films share the same continuity.

Even though they’re completely wrong, I’m still going to share them here.

10 Cloverfield Lane theory pic
Gettin’ academic!

First Theory

The ‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ road sign Michele knocks over while driving away could indicate that the film takes place a decade or so after the original.

Assuming the monster was killed, the area could’ve been named in memorial of those who died in the ‘Cloverfield’ incident.

The film takes place in Louisiana which is over five hundred miles away from New York.

New York was named after the Duke of York in 1664, a person and city thousands of miles away so it could be plausible.

Second Theory

Howard is said to have worked with satellites in the navy. This could relate to the satellite that is seen falling into the ocean at the very end of Cloverfield.

Many have debated the origin of the monster, some say it is a creature from the sea while others argue it is of extra-terrestrial descent.

If it is the latter it may be possible that Howard was involved with the satellite that fell and it was carrying the original monster hence Howard’s knowledge of the aliens, which brings me to my final theory.

Third Theory

The aliens could be of the same species or come from the same planet as the monster.

The large cybernetic alien ship is seen to have large tentacles, these tentacles do kind of resemble the tail and the little arms on the monster.

As I said the film’s creators have pretty much denied that this is a sequel to Cloverfield. I was unaware of this as I wrote my review so I did see some legitimacy in these theories.

I do kind of like the idea of a Cloverfield anthology series but for me there were so many unanswered questions in the first film. I still wish that one day we’ll get some answers in some form or another.

Ah well, a man can dream.

YES. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Review

I love stories that’re set in small worlds and have minimal characters. Hence why Day of the Dead and Whiplash are some of my favorite films.

So I loved 10 Cloverfield Lane.

After surviving a car accident Michelle finds herself in an underground bunker with two men following a devastating ‘attack’. One of the men, Howard, tells her that the atmosphere above is unbreathable meaning they have to remain inside.

Howard’s controlling and aggressive behavior convinces Michelle to try and escape but as she looks for a way out she soon discovers the horrific truth about the world above.

10 Cloverfield Lane pic
So much win.

10 Cloverfield Lane has many strengths.

The plot and pacing are brilliant. Despite the limited setting the script produces twists and turns intense enough for a big budget action thriller.

The characters are great.

Michelle is presented as an intelligent and cautious woman. As she adapts to the situation she comes up with her own solutions, she pretty much combats the opposition by herself.

She’s good but Howard makes the film.

He is generous, logical and honest however he is dominating, ruthless and secretive. His unpredictability makes him a chilling antagonist.

Bear McCreary’s score expresses the intense and mysterious tone. Like any great soundtrack it sticks in your head after hearing it.

Of course the film isn’t perfect. The main issue is the film’s climax but to criticize that I’ll have to get into spoilers.

So for those who want to avoid I’ll write my conclusion now and you can stop reading from there.

Overall 10 Cloverfield Lane is a great, original thriller which will provide more shocks and surprises than any large scale actioner. I highly recommend it.

10 Cloverfield Lane earns a brilliant 7 out of 10.


Right, the ending.

Michelle gets to the surface, kills some cybernetic, slug-like aliens and drives away to assist survivors at a nearby city.

There were hints at extra-terrestrials being responsible for the attack so I didn’t mind the aliens.

However, even though Michelle has been established as a smart and practical woman, I think having her kill a giant alien is a little far-fetched.

Its unfortunate that a simple thriller grounded in reality should end with a big Transformers-style action scene.

There’s been a lot of debate over whether this is a sequel to Cloverfield or not. Well, I think it could be.

To state my theories requires another blog post which hopefully you’ll be seeing quite soon.


Since its nearly Easter… Night of the Lepus (1972) Review

I typed in ‘Easter films’ into Google and the titles that appeared didn’t interest me.

As I was pondering Night of the Lepus popped into my head.

I’d seen clips and trailers but I never had an urge to watch it.

However, since its nearly Easter which is the season of the Easter Bunny, I thought a review of this 1972 horror film with giant rabbits would be appropriate.

Night of the Lepus pic
You’re Welcome.

The premise concerns a group of researchers dealing with a rabbit overpopulation in Arizona. They inject some rabbits with chemicals hoping to solve the problem.

Unexpectedly the chemicals cause the rabbits to grow to enormous size. They immediately rampage through the town and start to devour people.

The most common criticism thrown at Night of the Lepus is the silliness of the concept, reviewers have said that rabbits simply cannot be made scary.

I disagree.

Hear me out, if the film did a more original take on the ‘nature vs civilisation’ theme, had better special effects, more developed characters and at least referenced the silliness of the concept, it could’ve been effective.

I thought the first ten minutes were actually promising.

It starts with a news report showing the rabbit infestation in Arizona.

We then see a rancher riding on his horse. The horse suddenly collapses, he sees that its ankle is broken. The rancher gets out his rifle and shoots the horse dead.

For me this had a lot of potential.

It established the rancher’s ruthless look on animals. Maybe this film could be about an arrogant rancher realising that he, a human, is just another animal in the food chain.

Unfortunately, this potential is never fulfilled.

The characters need more development and attachment to the situation. We know these researchers are concerned about the rabbits but nothing else. They’re too vague to empathize with.

This makes Night of the Lepus a pretty boring watch.

If you like B movies check it out but unless you want to see some slow motion rabbits destroy a miniature town, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Night of the Lepus earns a shallow 3 out of 10.


Late to the party but wow what a party it is! Deadpool (2016) Review

What can I say about Deadpool that hasn’t already been said? I guess I can say why I think its unique and worth seeing.  

Deadpool tells the story of Wade Wilson, a mercenary who is diagnosed with cancer. He is then approached by a recruiter from a special program offering an experimental cure for his disease. Wade accepts.

The experiment brutally disfigures him and gives him accelerated healing powers. With his life destroyed Wade becomes the masked vigilante Deadpool and tries to get revenge on the scientist who deformed him.

Deadpool Pic
YOH. Dis movie iz cool! Sorry, I was running out of ideas for faces so I went with this one and I kind of struggled to think of a caption for it. That was the best I could come up with.

Many have criticized Deadpool for having a formulaic plot and having seen it I do agree the plot is predictable.

Its basically the old superhero revenge story we all know from films like Robocop and Batman.

The film is essentially a satire of the superhero genre. All the conventions from slow motion action scenes to superhero jumps to the classic ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ philosophy, are mocked with great wit.

If the script mocked the typical plot beats of the superhero film like they did with the conventions I think that would’ve improved the plot.

Unfortunately, all we get is a plot we already know with some jokes.

Yes the film isn’t perfect but I still recommend it for everyone (over the age of fifteen) because despite it’s flaws its definitely one of the most unique superhero films in recent years and that’s saying something.

Deadpool earns a solid 7 out of 10.