Much Better. Sandman The Doll’s House (1989) Review

The Sandman Volume 2 The Doll’s House is much superior to the previous volume Preludes and Nocturnes.

For example one thing this collection has that Preludes lacked is a good protagonist.

The book follows an American girl, Rose Walker. She goes to England with her mother and tries to find her lost younger brother Jed.

Since she is human and has a very clear desire Rose is a lot easier to empathize with than Morpheus was in the first volume.

sandman 2 pic
Nice one Gaiman.

Speaking of Morpheus, he has an interesting role in the story. Having regained his tools, he suddenly discovers that four of his creations are missing and embarks on a quest to track them all down.

His journey eventually collides with Rose.

There’s a lot of good stuff in this arc. We get to find out more about the Endless, Morpheus’s realm, his creations and his past.

We get most of this information through the main arc but there’re also some fantastic one off stories that reveal a lot about Morpheus.

The best of these by far is “Men of Good Fortune”. Its in the middle of the book and its about Morpheus granting a man in the 14th century immortality and meeting up with him every hundred years.

It adds almost nothing to the main storyline but its great seeing Morpheus getting social with someone and developing a relationship.

One criticism I do have of the book is the ending. I won’t give too much away but I will reveal that it ends with a Deux Ex Machina which I hate.

Overall The Doll’s House is a pretty damn good read and I’m actually excited about reading the other volumes.

The Sandman Volume 2 The Doll’s House earns a solid 8 out of 10.


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