Yeeeaahhh Leo Should Get That Oscar. The Revenant (2015) Review

I think it was Roger Ebert who once said what makes a film great isn’t what its about “but how its about”.

The Revenant, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, is a prime example of a film that perfects possibly the most important elements of art; organisation and presentation.

The Revenant pic
It was brilliant but disgusting.

Based on Michael Punke’s Novel and inspired by the experiences of frontiersman Hugh Glass, the film concerns the revenge quest of a fur trapper tracking the men who murdered his son and left him for dead.

This is the premise of a hundred Westerns, like Mad Max: Fury Road the story is nothing new.

However like Fury Road the film presents the tale in a unique way.

The Revenant is the most human, bloody and organic Western I’ve ever seen.

From the brilliantly shot point-of-view action scenes to the gory make-up effects to the characters’ breaths fogging the camera lens, The Revenant does everything to express the physical experiences of the characters.

Not many films, let alone a Western, have ever felt so fleshy.

The performances are great. I don’t think that should be a surprise for anyone.

I don’t really care if Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Best Actor Oscar or not as I think most Award Ceremonies are biased.

I don’t think a piece of art has to be nominated for an Award to be good.

If Leonardo DiCaprio does win the Oscar I wouldn’t be surprised as he pretty much gives the performance of his career.

His reactions and expressions make the painful scenes painful.

Tom Hardy is actually unrecognisable as John Fitzgerald. This is probably due to how well he mastered his American accent.

He didn’t fall into the trap most English actors do when attempting another accent, he sounds very convincing and different.

All in all The Revenant looks to be one of the greatest Westerns of the decade along with Django Unchained. Its bloody, epic, authentic and very difficult to forget.

The Revenant earns a remarkable 9 out of 10.


2 thoughts on “Yeeeaahhh Leo Should Get That Oscar. The Revenant (2015) Review

  1. Good review. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. I think this movie was a bit boring, especially in the middle when nothing is really happening. I think the technical aspects behind making this film are superb and the director and cinematographer deserve praise. Leo and Tom Hardy do well but I just didn’t feel like there were enough scenes with them actually acting to justify oscar awards. That’s just my opinion.


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