The One Documentary Everyone Has To See Before They Die. The Act of Killing (2013) Review

The Act of Killing is probably the best documentary I’ve seen.

It establishes the subject and context clearly and conveys the changes and revelations the characters experience while the events take place.

The Act of Killing pic

The film is about a group of friends who partook in the execution of thousands of people in Indonesia between 1965 and 1966. They agree to tell their story, in graphic detail, and to re-enact their killings as genre films.

In my view a piece of art can be seen from many angles but for me the affect of The Act of Killing can be seen from two specific angles.

One angle is political.

The film can be seen as a representation of a brutal and ruthless regime. It displays the protagonists expressing their views on communism and their government. Their views are, lets say, not very democratic.

The fact that a regime like this exists is disturbing.

The other angle is personal and concerns the human condition.

While the executioners are reflecting on their crimes the question of whether they feel guilty or not is always present.

This question is what makes The Act of Killing so intense and challenging. Is it possible for a person to kill and not feel guilty? Could a person like that exist?

I won’t spoil it but the answers that are presented are shocking.

I highly recommend this film for anyone. Especially for those who don’t like documentaries because this one, as I said, is probably the best I’ve ever seen.

The Act of Killing earns an incredible 10 out of 10.

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