Why Mad Max: Fury Road was the Best Film I saw in 2015

Of course Mad Max: Fury Road isn’t the best film of the year.

In my view trying to find a film that is better than the thousands that came out in the same year is as pointless as determining whether a year was good or bad.

But I gave this post the title it has for a reason.

Out of all the films I saw in 2015 Fury Road seemed to get the most right.


But what can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Well unlike Amy which tried to present the rise and fall of Amy Winehouse yet focused too much on her destruction and less on her background and youth,

and Inside Out which while succeeding in conveying the virtue of sadness relied too much on clichéd sentimentality for its emotional hook and convenience in its plot,

Fury Road knew what it wanted to be and made sure it was.

The film told the classic tale of a small group of bandits trying to overthrow an evil king in a unique and fresh post-apocalyptic setting with strong, empathetic characters (both male and female).

Most people are familiar with the traditional myth narrative but seeing it take place in a post-apocalyptic desert makes it more interesting and refreshing than in a typical setting such as space like in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Speaking of the setting, Fury Road pretty much reinvents the apocalypse genre.

This world is not simply a wasteland where people use junk. They use junk and build things with it. All the weapons, cars and clothes are made from everything.

The characters, while not that three-dimensional, have weaknesses and arcs that are conveyed and understood immediately.

Max is a loner and can’t relate to anyone.

Furiosa is obsessed with running away from her enemies.

Nux has been brainwashed by his leaders’ faith and has little independent thought.

They’re all easy to sympathise with.

Those are just a few things Fury Road gets right. I wouldn’t call it a classic but its damn well close and it deserves to be remembered.

If you don’t believe me or the thousands of raving reviews, watch it yourself.

Mad Max: Fury Road earns an outstanding 8 out of 10.



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