The Force Awakens: Just another Sci-fi Fantasy film?

As you all probably know its Force Friday and Disney has just unveiled their new line of toys from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As I looked over the action figures and spaceships and Lego sets on Facebook I was reminded of walking down the aisles in Toys-R-Us when I was nine-years-old and seeing all the merchandise from Revenge of the Sith on display.

It felt just the same. However when I look at the photos, posters and trailers for The Force Awakens, I get a similar feeling, which I don’t think is a good thing.

Now I know it would be unfair to judge a film’s quality before seeing it but I do think its fair not to get over hyped.

From the trailers and photos what have we seen? X-Wings. The millennium falcon. A desert planet. A masked villain. Droids. Space battles. A trio of youths from completely different backgrounds.

These aren’t just images we’ve already seen in the previous six Star Wars films but in all fantasy, action, sci-fi media from the past 35 years.

Guardians of the Galaxy presented a similar spectacle just last summer but that film was at least more unique. Anyone who’s seen Guardians knows its more of a comedic heist film than a sci-fi epic.

Its hard to imagine what seeing Star Wars in 1977 must’ve been like. When the public saw that tiny Rebel shuttle gliding over a planet, immediately followed by an Imperial Star Destroyer, miles in length, they probably thought that was the height of cinema.

They wouldn’t see anything bigger.

Look familiar?
Look familiar?

Now, since The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Harry Potter films, the Batman films, the Transformers films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, that scene is quite tame in comparison.

Apart from the joy of seeing all the characters from the original trilogy I wasn’t that overwhelmed when I saw the second Force Awakens trailer.

Space ships, lasers, dark villains in dark clothing, young heroes, robots. It was more of the same.

If The Force Awakens is going to be as ground breaking as A New Hope and Empire its going to have to break a lot of conventions and from what we’ve seen all its done is followed those conventions.

If its great, that would be amazing. If its more of the same, that would be really under whelming.

Until I see the film I’m remaining sceptical and I’d suggest most people should do the same, especially if they want to avoid the heartbreak critics and fans experienced after The Phantom Menace.

UPDATE: My review of Trainwreck is up on Cuckoo, you can check it out right here. Also I’ve shot a new video for the channel but it may take a bit of editing. I’ve tried a clone effect and I don’t think its worked. Here’s a sample below. What do you think?

Don't be scared, there will be context!
Don’t be scared, there will be context!

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