I have a YouTube channel (right here) where I post comedic videos usually produced by myself but there are some made in collaboration with other people.

These videos feature  me portraying various characters including Metalico (a fascist alien who observes human culture), Jerry Charles (an American who sees stalking as an art and philosophy) and Counsellor 6 (a psychotic robot counsellor).

Here’ a little list of the best videos on the channel.

The Adventures of Captain Sweden – A short montage displaying the ‘heroic’ deeds of the Swedish vigilante.

Metalico’s First Days on Earth – First video featuring Metalico.

How To Be A Successful Stalker – First video featuring Jerry Charles (this is not a video for people who believe everything they see on the Internet).

The Mupple Film Trilogy – Three bizarre films following the Mupple Brothers and their attempts to get jobs. The first two films I made myself, the third film however I collaborated with  Matthew Patterson. You can see his photography work on his Facebook page right here.

Mummies Aren’t Scary (Halloween Sketch) – In an age where modern horror simply consists of demonic possessions, torture porn and zombies this is how the forgotten faces of terror survive.